Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Street Photo No. 1

In 2010 I didn't know what street photography was.
I shot mostly JPEG SOOC, Straight Out Of the Camera, with no post-processing. 

We were on a trip to Chicago and I took a street shot without knowing it.  
I knew that I wanted the guy in the frame.  
I had made the proper adjustments on my camera.
I was anxiously waiting for him to look at me. 
I wanted his eyes on the camera when I pushed the shutter release.  
My heart was pounding.  
It was exhilarating.

I was traveling with family, my mom.  
She likes color photographs.  
I'm partial to black and white.
I converted the JPEG to black and white sometime later.
I added contrast, increased the blacks.

My post-processing has evolved since then.....
This photo still captures my style and is pleasing to my eyes.

Panasonic GF1
Panasonic 20mm 
1/30 s

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